Artifex Mundi

Cinematic trailer for the worldwide release of Bladebound, a mobile action RPG from Artifex Mundi inspired by old-school hack’n’slash games. Working closely with the good people at Artifex Mundi, Puppetworks created the trailer from previz to final composite. The trailer depicts the main protagonist in what would appear to be a final battle when he is rejuvenated by the spiritual force of the Life Tree. Our goal in the project was to engage players through this impactful story while still present key aspects of game mechanics.

When we approached the project, we wanted to put the focus on the characters which we thought should be highly detailed and emphasize strong framing, simple iconic compositions, and dramatic artistic lighting with cool FX. However, we were careful not to let the audience be distracted by too many effects and rather focussed on the mood of the world. For the story, we wanted to create a sense of mystery about the story and give insight into the past through flashbacks, intertwining the two into a coherent narrative that clearly shows the relationship of the characters as well as hints at gameplay mechanics.