Compositor -  
If you are ready for a challenge, you will have the opportunity to enjoy:
Mastering in integrating rendered layers and producing the final look of the shots
Being a magician of creating and managing additional lighting tasks

To barge through our doors, you need to meet the following requirements:
BA or MA degree in Graphic Design/Media Arts/or equivalent work experience
Good understanding of photography and film, how the interactions of light creates the image
Minimum of 1-3 years of experience in animation and/or in visual effects industry in compositing of CG elements
Basic knowledge of light and color composition, 2D layout
Basic knowledge Autodesk Maya and Arnold
Calm attitude, ability to work well under pressure
Have an advanced and hands-on knowledge and experience of Foundry Nuke
Fluency in written and spoken English

Ability to create Nuke gizmos, tcl and Python scripting
Proficient knowledge of Autodesk Maya and Arnold