Support the team responsible for creating concept art. He manages a team of concept artists to establish the vision of a variety of projects: game assets, film effects, commercials and cinematics. This is a detail oriented position requiring a dedication to process, performance, precision and communication.

Thorough understanding of character anatomy, up-to-date in industry trends, mainstream character, environment and props design
Passion for creating concept art
Must be highly creative
Endeavor to elaborate fine details
Incredible sense of perspective, lighting, form and color composition
Advanced hands-on knowledge of Photoshop or other 2D art and painting programs
Excellent ability for communication and working with teams
Understanding and capability of working with client requirements
Ability to deliver and receive constructive feedback
Ability to work in an orderly way to meet deadlines
Fluency in written and spoken English and Hungarian

Experience in computer games
Experience in game development
Passionate for films and games