Dawnbringer is an open world RPG where the hero is fighting to save the world of Mourngard, and in the process he might have to challenge his reckless brother in order to save the world (another humble RPG hero). Created by Danish games developer Kiloo, the game features hack'n'slash swipe combat, a campaign that should take hours to complete, and the ability to craft and enchant powerful gear. The trailer finds us watching the literal fall of the brothers; they fight each other in the air and after impact until a greater threat rears its ugly head, forcing them to rekindle the bonds of brotherhood.

Kiloo was looking to go all in on a CGI trailer for their game Dawnbringer. Going all in meant that there were particular details that presented a challenge to our team and required research: hair and cloth simulations needed to be worked out and facial animations needed to be of the highest quality. However, we were given ample time for the project and the results of this extra time show in the final product.

Cinematic Trailer